Bilderbuch Reisenů
A name that is closely connected to one person – Barbara Röhrs-Simmerstätter

Born in Salzburg, Austria, she moved to Hamburg, Germany in 2001, where she has settled down and now found her second home.

In short, tourism and the service industry has been her life. After her training, she became a certified travel agent and she was closely tied to the global enterprise American Express. Group-, study-, and incentive trips were her field of expertise. She planned the journeys beforehand, took care of every detail and even accompanied the customers to provide and assist a full-around service.

Her movement to Hamburg led to new experiences and endeavours. The hotel industry as well as a Northern European Airline were her following employers, until she decided to go her own way in 2005. Since then, Bilderbuch Reisen & Events has been her only focus and she leads it onto the road of success.

Bilderbuch Reisen has a worldwide network of cooperating partners in the tourism industry and it will conjure your trip or event according to your special needs and wishes.

Barbara Röhrs-Simmerstätter dedicates her knowledge, her strength of purpose, her motivation and her full energy to YOUR utmost wishes.